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Emotional Road Map: 9 Inner Voices

December 29, 201633 min
What guides your emotions? How can you manage your emotions?The mind is made up of discreet and independent life forces. There isn’t really a map for human emotions, so these life forces fill that voice. What part of you is angry and why?Nine Inner Voices
Autonomy speaks for self interest. It gets really angry when people step on your toes and tell you what to do.
Self-doubt speaks for confidence. That’s the fear of failure.
The relational part of you deals with relationships. One part of you may want to put you first. The need to serve others and make a connection is strong.
Adventure wants to take risks and make changes. You may want to spread your wings if you feel bored or stagnant.
The meaning maker is slower and more thoughtful. You have a yearning to tune into the wisdom of the moment. This part is active during meditation and prayer.
The body regulator is the voice for good health and physical vitality. Your body needs nutrition, fitness and care to operate at its best. This part understands sustainability. It aches with the damage to nature.
The standard setter sets the bar. Where does perfectionism set in?
Executive manager helps you organize your activities. Why wasn’t that done on time?
Creativity stirs curiosity. Creativity is taking a hit by technological distractions.
Women struggle with confidence. It could be because men generally have more muscle mass and women are smaller. Our culture sets the bar too high, particularly for women. It’s better to focus on growing, learning and getting better. Listen in as Margaret Moore shares how you can understand and utilize these inner voices.

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