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Fitness & Aging: Lifelong Activity

February 16, 201731 min
Expand your vibrant years with a lifetime of fitness habits.It takes work to be fit, but you can condition yourself to have a lifetime of fitness.Snack on fitness by using little snippets of time to be active. For example, work on balance by lifting one foot and then the other as your coffee reheats.Try spending 80 percent of your time nourishing your body and staying active. Then, you’ve earned 20 percent to do whatever you want... eat sugar, consume fats and have down time. Just be sure not to switch the percentages. It’s important to be patient with yourself. Your physical recovery time and ability may change over time. Do what you can and enjoy the abilities you have now. When one door closes, another opens. You learn new skills, no matter what your age. You can always be physically active, even if you aren’t engaged in the same level of athleticism as you did when you were younger. Your balance will change as you age. Practice improving your balance by standing as you dress. Stand on one foot when waiting to cross the crosswalk. Don’t take your health for granted. Accept the changes in your body. Constantly stay active in any way you can. This may be by gardening or taking your dog on walks. Find a sport you love and stick with it for life, even if your ability with that sport decreases as time passes. Listen in as octogenarian figure skater and fitness enthusiast Sheila Cluff shares how you can have a lifetime of fitness.
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