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Harvesting Happiness: Keys to Unlock Your Joy

December 12, 201634 min
Where do you look to find true happiness?Harvesting happiness is about seeing the positive emotions within your grasp. You have the ability to grow positive emotion over time if you tend to your garden. You are not too busy for self care. You just need to view your emotional well-being as something that needs training... as much training as your physical fitness. Women tend to identify happiness based on external sources. Is your partner happy? Are your kids happy? Does that new handbag equal happiness? If you aren’t emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically fit, then happiness is going to be challenging. You have to locate and release your emotional blocks to receiving happiness. Finding something positive to fill that space will lead you to a place of joy. It’s not what other people think about you that determines your level of happiness. What stories do you tell yourself about yourself? If you’ve suffered abuse or feel bad about parts of your appearance, you’re telling yourself you don’t have value or deserve to be happy. The good news is you can rewrite your own story. Tips for Finding Happiness

Life is tough. You will endure pain. Suffering is optional.
You can be your own guru. Trust your inner voice.
Westerners are mass media marketing junkies. The message is that more is better. That’s not true. Reframe your relationship to "stuff."
Most of us are ruled by a desire for control. The only thing you can control is yourself.
Speak with someone to get your traumas heard and acknowledged.

Surviving trauma involves making meaning out of bad circumstances. Creating a meaningful life afterward helps you thrive. You don’t like to feel negative emotions like grief, fear and anger. These emotions tell you that something is no longer working as well as it could be or should be. You want to turn the emotions off. However, if you look at the adversity, you can start to take control. Extending kindness and empathy in someone’s hour of darkness increases our humanity.Listen in as Lisa Cypers Kamen shares her best advice for finding happiness within yourself.

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