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Highs, Withdrawals & More: Navigating the Effects of Refined Sugar

October 8, 20159 min
What can we do, as a society, to bring change to public policy and raise government awareness regarding over-consumption of sugar?It may be obvious that eating sweet treats on a daily basis can be bad for your health, specifically due to the excessive amounts of sugar. However, what you may not realize, is that sugar is found in a lot of other foods that aren't pastries or cakes.Taking in excessive amounts, or even small amounts of sugar can be damaging to your health. Not to mention, the habit of eating sugar can be very hard to beat.When your body consumes sugar, it's turned into glucose, a simple sugar found in your blood. If you drank an eight-ounce soda or a candy bar, your sugar levels immediately spike, causing dopamine to release in your brain and resulting in a "sugar high."While you're feeling great and untouchable, the other organs in your body are slowly suffering.The scary part happens when you try to wean yourself off sugar. Depending on how much sugar you are consuming, your withdrawal symptoms can vary and include headaches, mood swings, and even the shakes.How can you navigate through refined sugars?Listen in as Jeff Eisenberg, MD, shares why eating excessive amounts of sugar can be harmful to your health and how to navigate through refined sugars.

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