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Ketogenic Diet: Help Your Body Burn Its Own Fat

March 16, 201731 min
How does the ketogenic diet work? Is it right for you?What’s the deal with the ketogenic diet? Sugar causes inflammation. Complex carbohydrates break down into sugar when entering your bloodstream. Protein your body doesn’t use immediately turns into sugar. The ketogenic diet limits all of these things. This diet also endorses consumption of saturated fats. They keep your immune system healthy and assist with improving bone health. The ketogenic diet focuses on three macronutrients that are consumed proportionally. The ideal diet contains 80% fat, 20-50% protein and very few carbohydrates. Upon ketogenic maintenance, your body will start burning its own fat. A typical ketogenic meal plan is as follows.

Breakfast: eggs, keto bread.
Lunch: hamburger with avocado on keto bread, dairy-free ice cream.
Dinner: steak, side salad with dairy-free salad dressing.

Diabetics and people who want to lose weight are attracted to the ketogenic diet.  Following this way of eating does present challenges. Going out for social meals makes it tough to stick to the guidelines. You also have to plan ahead so the food is ready when you’re hungry. Listen as ketogenic expert Maria Emmerich joins Dr. Pam Peeke to discuss the ketogenic diet.
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