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New Treatments & Devices for Sexual Health

July 7, 20169 min
Sex talk with your doctor may not give you the answers you really need.Women's sexual health needs are often unmet. Sexual concerns aren't always voiced in medical appointments. Internet searches sometimes lead to websites that don't address solutions, and all to often offer products for sale.The main sexual concerns women have are:
Interest and desire
Pain from absence of estrogen and lack of lubrication
Arousal and orgasm
There are new devices on the market to address these concerns.Fiera is a clitoral device that provides gentle suction and vibration. It is used in preparation for a sexual encounter. It engorges the area with improved blood supply, awakening the genital tissues so intercourse enjoyment is more possible.Intensity combines pelvic floor muscle stimulation and strengthening. Orgasm is contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. Toning and improving those muscles can improve orgasm. It also has a vibrator attached, which many women find pleasurable.Chronic disease is an important part of your health discussion with your doctor, but so is sexual health. If you can't talk to your doctor about sex, find a new provider.Listen in as Dr. Barb DePree shares what you need to know about female sexual concerns.

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