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Pattern of Arguments & Anger May Impact Future Health

June 30, 20169 min
How you argue today may affect your future health.We all get angry at someone from time to time. But, could anger be impacting your health and wellness?Dr. Robert Levenson conducted a 20-year study on anger at the University of California at Berkeley. This study showed that how you argue can affect your future health.Having 20 years to conduct the study allowed observation of the subjects in mid- to late-life when they were more susceptible to physical illness. Couples were observed in 15 minute intervals, with researchers hoping these slices of life were representative of their outside lives. Arguing is defined as four moments of anger per minute, resulting in 60 little expressions of anger per session.The people who showed lots of anger had heart issues later in life. Those who stonewalled, refusing to communicate, had more aches and pains, back and muscle problems.Having short bursts of anger didn't seem to cause chronic problems. It's the constant expressions of displeasure that added up to physical issues later in life.If you're in a relationship where you can't express your anger or you over-express it, it's time to reconsider some things about that relationship.Listen in as Dr. Levenson shares his findings from the study.

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