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Recipe for Resilience

May 12, 20169 min
Check out Dr. Pam Peeke's recipe for resilience.You have to take care of you.You need to be resilient to get through every day. You must be able to rebound from whatever life throws your way. Essentially, you have to return to you after all the nonsense.Hop into that kitchen of life, and stir up your own resilience recipe. What ingredients resonate with you? Got any more to add? RECIPE:

7-8 hours restful sleep
5 minutes gratitude
5-15 minutes meditation/prayer
1-2 deep breaths per stress
1-5 adapt & adjusts per stress
10 acts of random kindness
10 acts of self compassion
1-3 joyful experiences
20 laughs out loud
30-60 minutes organize & plan
15-20 minutes high intensity exercise
1-5 connections with friends/family

DIRECTIONS: Mix and blend. Customize to taste. Enjoy daily.Listen in as Dr. Pam Peeke shares how to become resilient.

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