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Stop Teaching Girls to Be Scared

March 10, 20169 min
When you tell a girl she should have fear, you're conditioning her to be timid.Boys should be adventurous, take risks and conquer their fears. This is instilled in male children from a very young age. Be brave, young man.Girls are often treated differently. Girls should be cautious, avoid adventure and try not to get hurt. The big problem is that the world is a big place and risk is necessary for success and survival.It's important to encourage girls to be brave and to master difficult and dangerous skills. Girls should try challenging physical activities to gain new skills, not shy away from them because someone told them they could get hurt. Let girls learn responsibility, problem-solving and confidence by accepting challenges that are typically considered appropriate for only boys.Author and former firefighter, Caroline Paul, shares her personal and professional gains from being encouraged to be resilient as a child.

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