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Summer Lovin’: Rise in Sexuality & Feeling Left Out

June 9, 20169 min
Summer time is great for sex. But, what if you just don't feel like doing it?The weather is warmer and the outfits are skimpier. Smooth skin and summer bodies can spark the sexy times. It's not unusual to be a little more frisky this time of year.What if you don't feel ready for love?One in 15 women has a low sex drive. Some ladies have a lack of interest that can be sparked by a little romance, some lingerie or a night out. Other women experience a chronic lack of interest that causes them distress.You must take charge of your health care and discuss your libido with your doctor if you feel it is low. Chronic low libido can be helped by counseling in some cases. There is also medication for hypoactive sexual desire disorder.Listen in as Dr. Leah Millheiser talks about sexy summertime and what to do if you feel left out.

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