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The Side of Marriage Many Ignore: It's a lot of Work

August 20, 20159 min
Is it possible to love someone, yet still dream of your past single life?Even though you love your partner, it may not be until after marriage that you realize it's possible to love and to be driven absolutely mad by the same person. You may have come to realize this, but your newlywed friends who make overly naïve toasts on the their wedding day about how they will never fight, remain best friends, and will excel at marriage might be in for a little surprise.In her NY Times piece, "The Wedding Toast I'll Never Give," Ada Calhoun explains that marriage is like a full-time job and requires work on both ends in order for it to truly succeed. There will be times when you or your partner will fail at certain things, you will suffer occasionally, and fight more than you thought... but that doesn't mean your marriage is doomed, or over.Why do so many people leave out that marriage is actually work?Listen in as Calhoun shares excerpts from her article, as well as why many people leave out the fact that marriage is a full-time job.

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