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U.S. Surgeon General’s Rx for Women’s Best Health

November 10, 201627 min
Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin gives her best advice for women's health.Former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin says health is in everything we do. It doesn’t just take place in your doctor’s office. Health happens at home, at work and in social circumstances. The cheapest and simplest way to start improving your health is to start walking. It doesn’t require any special fundraising or skills, just the ability to walk. Americans don’t walk as much as  people in other countries.Evolution of Girl TrekGirl Trek started with two friends who regularly walked together and decided to form an online group. It is now a nationwide organization of 60,000 women who have walking campaigns and community leadership. These African American women are walking their way to better health. Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth walked African Americans out of slavery. Civil rights marches for freedom incorporated walking. Girl Trek ties African American walking history to the fight for better health. Sixty-seven percent of African American women engage in little or no leisure time physical activity. Eighty-two percent are currently overweight and 53 percent are mortally obese.  Girl Trek is changing behavior by encouraging walking and talking to friends. Kids learn healthy habits by joining the walks. Women meet one another within neighborhoods, building community and relationships. Women who shed pounds are also shedding emotional weight.Walk for Physical, Mental & Emotional HealthRates of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension are higher in African American and minority communities. Raising awareness to get people moving can help reduce these rates. Walking once a day can help with physical and emotional health. Reduce stress by incorporating movement into your life. For change to be sustainable, it has to be meaningful. It should also be fun. Listen in as Dr. Benjamin shares how you can get moving, as well as the great work Girl Trek is doing.

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