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Vibrators: Healthy & Fun

April 7, 20169 min
Learn why vibrators are good for your health.Vibrators for women are more socially acceptable these days. You no longer have to order a "personal massager" from a kitschy mail order catalog to save the purchasing embarrassment. In fact, vibrators can provide health benefits.Here's what a vibrator can do for your health:

Serve as a marital aid. Use of a vibrator in the bedroom can spice up your sex life. It also removes issues of orgasmic timing between partners. Decreased effort and cramping from duration and position are also helpful.
Provide orgasm when alone. There is no partner required for vibrator use, which is handy when one is single or in a long-distance relationship.
Relieve tension and stress. An orgasm can help you sleep better at night.
Treat vaginal dryness in menopause. A vibrator stimulates blood flow, which increases moisture and sexual response.
Help with muscle tone. A vibrator stimulates the vaginal muscles, improving muscle tone. This is a great way to improve sexual function and prevent incontinence.

Listen in as Dr. Barb Depree joins Dr. Pam and Michelle to share the health benefits of vibrators.

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