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What the Heck is Mansplaining?

April 28, 20169 min
Why do men do most of the talking?The New York Times recently ran an article on manologues and mansplaining (read the article here).Some men feel the need to expound at great length on areas of familiarity. Mansplaining uses small words to explain topics, making the listener feel like a five year-old.Historically, men's value is in knowing, doing and fixing stuff. They don't mansplain to be malicious. They just desire to be useful.How can women deal with the manologues? Gently fill men in on what they already know. Men scare easily, so don't snipe at them. Men just want to be helpful.The best bet is to know who you're talking to and ask how much they know before explaining something. Anthropologist and cultural strategist, Jamie Gordon, she-splains what mansplaining is all about.

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