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What's Going on Down There: Pubic Hair Trends

October 13, 201627 min
Find out about the latest trends in ladyscaping and how to groom with the least impact on your health.The Journal of American Medical Association recently published a study of 3000 women’s pubic hair habits. Sixty-two percent of these women had complete removal at least once. Some women do it for style and others for health reasons. As members of the animal kingdom, humans have body hair for a reason. Other things are serving the purpose that body hair once possessed, so pubic hair serves more as an accessory nowadays. We have other hygiene practices, so we don’t need as much pubic hair. Pubic hair acts as a cushion for sensitive skin. It also traps bacteria from entering the vagina. This is why girls who haven’t hit puberty have a higher incidence of irritation. Waxing, shaving, lasering and trimming can get rid of the hair. Lasering is most effective for people who have light skin and dark hair. The risk of infection doesn’t go up in the area if a woman has good personal hygiene. Lasering is great for the areas where body hair isn't trendy, like outside of the bikini line. Permanent hair removal is considered two years. Waxing tends to be the most problematic. Hair must be grown long enough to wax. A hot, sticky substance is applied to the hair and ripped off. It’s yanked off so hard it pulls out the hair follicles. Waxing is a traumatic event. Burns can land you in the emergency room. There’s risk of infection, ingrown hairs, abscess, lacerations, and allergic reaction to the wax. If you’re prone to herpes, waxing can stimulate it. Take your herpes medication before waxing to avoid the rash. Shaving is easiest. Replace your razors frequently. Dull spots on the razor will hit every spot on your skin. Get a razor that can curve with the body. If you have multiple blades, you shouldn’t have to make as many passes with the razor. Make sure your skin is as hydrated as possible and shave near the end of your shower. Never shave dry because it irritates the skin. Use a shaving cream or gel and let it sit on the area for 30-60 seconds so it has a chance to moisturize the hair. Use conditioner if you’re out of shaving cream. Your pubic hair can thin, turn gray or fall out. You may consider leaving some hair so you feel younger as you age. Some women consider themselves unclean if they haven’t groomed their pubic hair. If you have a lot of hair and sweat a lot, you may consider grooming for health reasons. The hair can trap bacteria that contribute to yeast infections in very rare cases. Listen in as Dr. Doris Day shares the current trends and best practices for pubic hair grooming.

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