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What's the Deal with Hook-Up Apps?

October 20, 201631 min
What should you expect from a hook-up app?Hook-up apps have replaced the in-person hook-up bars of the 1970s. They’re referred to as adult friend finders. These geo-locating apps for your phone are designed to help you find a partner now. You can tailor your app to suit your dating tastes. You can also turn on your app before walking up to a stranger in a bar, in order to check if this attractive person is available for what you seek. Adult friend finder apps are about finding someone right now for instant gratification. These apps are also used by folks who want something on the side. Dating websites are a better bet if you want to get to know someone. If you’re looking for a relationship, investigate dating websites.  If you use apps or websites to meet strangers, be sure you use sensible practices and let someone know where you’re going. It’s better to be safe than sorry.The greatest challenge you may face is that the person doesn’t match the profile photo.  Most of the people on these apps are millennials, but that doesn't mean older people might not pop up on the younger-targeted apps. It’s important to be technologically savvy when using these apps. You don’t want to send a photo of a body part too early in a relationship. You also want to double check the interface to be sure you’re not sending your intimate photo to your Twitter following or to a family message group. Relationship order is changing in these modern times. Sexual and romantic intimacy seem to come after hook-ups. Folks may have plenty of intercourse but not know how to go on a date. Going out to have social fun and not seeking immediate sexual gratification can help develop social skills and friendships. These skills assist in creating intimate relationships. A healthy, nurturing upbringing can improve your ability to connect to other people. Trauma and abuse in the home weakens one’s ability to trust others for connection. Listen in as Rob Weiss, LCSW, shares how hook-up apps are changing dating behavior.

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