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Why Are Women Embarrassed About Gynecological Cancer?

September 24, 20159 min
What are the major symptoms that should be reported to your doctor?Even though you might be a little embarrassed to talk to your doctor about uncomfortable symptoms, or changes you might have noticed with your vagina, you need to.Many symptoms like bloating, changes in bowel movements, vaginal bleeding (after sex, between periods, or after menopause), itching, or lumps on the vulva, may be serious signs of cancer.But, too many women are too embarrassed to talk about it, which leads to symptoms going unchecked and, oftentimes, death.A survey conducted by The Even Appeal cancer charity has shown that 39 percent of women believe there's more of a stigma around gynecological cancers than other types of cancer.What needs to be changed in order for women to feel more comfortable talking about women's health issues?Heather Hirsch MD, MS, shares why so many women feel too embarrassed to talk to their doctors about gynecological issues.

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