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Why Are You Always Hungry?

January 7, 20169 min
If you happen to be born with "fat genes," isn't there really very little you can do about it?Obesity is a complex and often misunderstood disease. Typically, you might think that the key to losing weight is by following the motto, "calories in and calories out," and the solution to end the obesity epidemic is to strengthen your willpower and simply say no to tempting foods, as well as eat way less than usual.However, that's not as easy and simple as it sounds. Data suggests that Americans are more obese than ever, even though there's been improvements within nutrition organizations and the food industry.Some people are just always hungry. Why is that?Recent research and theories aren't focusing on the issue of overeating, but rather how calories are distributed in your body. The more calories that you consume, the more are stored away in your fat tissue, leaving fewer calories within your bloodstream and leaving your body unsatisfied.Is there a way you can prevent this from happening?David Ludwig, MD, PhD, shares his research on why you're always hungry, as well as if there's a way to prevent your appetite from getting out of control.

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