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Why Women Cheat

March 31, 20169 min
What would prompt a woman to cheat?The popular narrative is the one of the woman scorned, her beloved turning to the arms of another for sexual thrills. You may remember the popular old yarn of the businessman who dumps his wife for his secretary. The man is usually cast as the actor in the story, and the infidelity happens to the woman.Women also cheat. Yes, women may do it for the excitement of something new and secret. They may also cheat because the sex is no longer cutting the mustard. Sometimes they cheat for emotional fulfillment. Women rule their own bodies and make their own decisions, which can be an additional reason for stepping out.An adulterous woman is viewed a bit differently by society than an unfaithful man.Listen in as gender expert and author, Susan Shapiro Barash, discusses female infidelity.

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