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Yummie: Essentials for Women of ALL Sizes

November 19, 20159 min
Being overweight can put a damper your confidence and also make finding clothes that fit nearly impossible.Whether you've just had a baby or you've recently gained some weight, it's easy to lose the confidence that your 20-year-old self once had.You may avoid going out with friends or being seen in public. However, finding clothes that fit your current body type doesn't have be a frustrating and complicated process.Former Real Housewives of New York City cast member, Heather Thompson, was just like you; feeling uncomfortable in her clothing and her own skin. That's when she decided she wanted to do something to help build women's confidence. Struggling to lose her baby weight, Heather created Yummie, a comfortable and stylish clothing company to help give women their confidence back.How can the Yummie clothing line help women feel comfortable in their own skin again?Listen in as Heather shares her personal story on her struggle to lose her baby weight and how that spurred her to create a product for women just like her.

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