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Addiction & the Transgender Community

December 18, 20159 min
The transgender community is at a higher risk for addiction because of feelings of isolation and misunderstanding.When a person feels isolated or misunderstood, he/she will often turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort. The transgender community, which is a widely misunderstood and ostracized community, is at a higher risk for addiction because of these very issues. Often, the language and labels people use make transgender people feel lesser or like an “other” in society. Beck Gee-Cohen has facilitated trainings and given lectures around the country at conferences, prisons, schools, treatment centers, and everywhere in between... focusing on LGBTQ communities and addiction. Beck is very passionate about the transgender community and the effects of addiction, trauma, and stigma within the trans populations. Beck discusses how you can work to create a feeling of inclusiveness and reduce the risk of drug and alcohol addiction for the trans population.

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