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Celebrating Your Wins in Life

April 22, 20169 min
Most people tend to be really hard on themselves, and this can be damaging to your self.Most people tend to be really hard on themselves. When you fall short, don’t reach a goal, or make the smallest mistake, you might instantly begin a cycle of beating yourself up and judging too harshly. That’s damaging, especially because you aren't focusing nearly as much on your victories. The truth is that every day, people win in big and small ways. Whether that’s getting through a pesky pile of laundry, finishing a project at work, or reaching a sobriety milestone, people need to learn how to celebrate wins to create a balanced understanding of who they are... and can be kinder when they make a mistake. Melanie Haber is the Vice President of Brand Development for Recovery Brands, and is an advocate of celebrating your wins. Melanie explains how to create a more balanced, generous, and compassionate picture of who you are, as well as how you can celebrate your victories.

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