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Rebuilding After Tragedy & Trauma 

May 12, 201626 min
​Tragedies and trauma can shake you to your core.​Tragedies and trauma can shake you to your core.Often, you're left wondering how you can pick up the pieces and move on from what has happened. Dr. Louise Stanger has turned a life of loss and challenge into one of perseverance and accomplishment. Dr. Stanger is a prominent addiction interventionist who has had to overcome more than her fair share of  troubles.​  ​ Not only did she lose her dad and grandparents to suicide, but her husband died before she turned 45, and her infant son died of SIDS. Dr. Stanger’s experience has greatly influenced her work helping others live with addiction and helping families rebound from the damage that comes from addiction. She joins host Erica Spiegelman to share her inspirational story, as well as strategies you can use to rebuild after tragedy and trauma.

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