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Germs, Colds & Fevers, Oh My – Prevention and Treatment Tips

November 2, 201511 min
As cold and flu season approaches, it’s important to get ready for the sneezing, scratchy throats, coughs and fevers of winter. Children, in particular, are susceptible to catching colds because of they are in school all day—a petri dish of cold and flu germs. Effective treatment of colds starts with correct diagnosis. It’s important to know if you are dealing with a bacterial or a viral bug, because each one is treated differently. It’s also critical to know appropriate dosages for over-the-counter medications, and to be aware which ones are okay for which ages of child. There are also lots of products today that claim to ward off a full-blown cold if they’re taken just as soon as you feel sick.  Do any of these really work—and is it safe to give them to children? Parents also need to be able to judge when a child is to sick to go to school and should stay home—always a tough call. To learn more about staying healthy this winter as a family, tune into SMG Radio and get prevention and treatment tips from Dr. Michelle Bender.

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