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Lessons from the Flexible Chef

April 14, 201720 min
Being too strict in your diet can set you up for failure. Perhaps it's time to loosen up a little?Being too strict in your diet can set you up for failure.Perhaps it's time to loosen up a little?A self-proclaimed "recovering perfectionist," Nealy Fischer, aka The Flexible Chef, takes a more practical approach to mealtime and health in general.The key is finding the balance between excess and deprivation. Adapt whatever you see as ideal to make it work for you and your family.Nealy advises trying to use ingredients already in your pantry and fridge, instead of hitting up the grocery store every few days. Get creative! Experiment and play, and don't be afraid of "flops" from time to time. Don't forget to plan and schedule; you can bend a plan, but if you have no plans, you might encounter disaster.Worried that your kids are heading in the wrong nutritional direction? Model good eating behaviors and make sure the right choices are readily available at home. You can be in control of a large percentage of a week's choices. Listen in as Nealy joins host Lisa Davis to discuss a more flexible approach in the kitchen, including some of her favorite recipes. She also explains how she and her entire family realized health improvements by going gluten free... but in the "clean" way of doing so (eating real foods, not the processed gluten-free foods of today).

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