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Soup & Smoothie Hacks

January 13, 201721 min
With a few simple hacks, you can build tasty homemade soup and smoothie creations with minimal time investment.Making your own soups and smoothies doesn't have to be intimidating.With a few simple hacks, you can build tasty homemade creations with minimal time investment.SoupsWhether your soup is a meal or the precursor to a meal, there are plenty of options.

Buy pre-cut vegetables.
Use extra veggies you've purchased for other meals or smoothies.
Brown meats ahead of time to seal in juices and cut back on fat.
Sweat or saute vegetables for added flavor. 
Substitute coconut milk or cashew milk for dairy in cream-based soups. 
Beans are a great source of meatless protein. Blending beans can also provide that creamy base.
If you have time on Saturday or Sunday, whip up a big batch and freeze for a quick lunch during the week.
Bone broth is both nutritionally sound but also serves as a great soup base. 
Spice it up. Turmeric has wonderful health benefits and provides a savory flavor in sweeter soups such as sweet potato or butternut squash. Cinnamon gives a unique flavor without the sodium.

SmoothiesSmoothies work well for individuals who aren't crazy about eating breakfast right away in the morning or for those who need a pick-me-up for lunch. 

Cacao is a versatile (and healthy) ingredient that can give you that chocolaty, sweet flavor without the guilt. 
Bananas allow for a creamy thickness, but if you're not a banana fan, avocado will do the same thing. 
Frozen fruit also provides thickness and frothiness.

Listen in as Lisa DeFazio, MS, RD, shares more about these soup and smoothie hacks, as well as recipes from her new book, The Women's Health Big Book of Smoothies and Soups.

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