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Eye Mites & Dry Eyes

March 21, 20169 min
Could your dry, itchy eyes be caused by eye mites?The demodex mites spend most of their time buried head-down in hair follicles, the stocking-shaped organs that enclose and produce your hair strands. They’re most commonly found in eyelids, nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. While presence of these tiny mites is common in everyone, researchers speculate that some people develop demodex blepharitis due to unusual allergic or immune system reactions leading to inflammation.Host of The Wizard of Eyes, Dr. Robert Abel, welcomes back guest, Dr. Arthur B. Epstein, to provide further insight into the multiple causes of blepharitis and red eyes, including demodex mites. Dr. Epstein also explains how to treat them by using products like Avenova Eyelid Cleanser.

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