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Link Between Eye Health & Chronic Kidney Disease

June 6, 20169 min
What is the link between your eyes and kidneys?Diabetes and high blood pressure aren’t only the leading causes of chronic kidney disease (CKD). They’re also the leading causes of eye disease and loss of vision. If your renal disease is a result of either condition, your vision may be at risk.Kidney disease is quite common and associated with many other common diseases, particularly diabetes and hypertension.Kidney disease can be detected early with simple blood and/or urine tests. Properly managed, the disease may be managed. 
Relatively few people with chronic kidney disease will progress to the later stages where dialysis or transplantation may be required.Dialysis is a “modern medical miracle” and can allow a person with end-stage kidney disease to live with very acceptable quality of life... limited mainly by complications of other diseases, particularly heart and vascular.Host of The Wizard of Eyes, Dr. Robert Abel, welcomes Air Force veteran and nephrologist, Theodore Saad, to discuss the advancements in the treatment of kidney disease and the link between your eyes and kidneys.

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