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Brain Fitness: Improve Function & Boost Emotional Health

September 30, 201626 min
Challenging your brain with simple exercises can improve cognitive function and boost emotional health.The more active you are physically, emotionally and cognitively, the better your brain will operate. Stress management, physical exercise, emotional wellness training, and cognitive exercises will get your brain in tip-top shape. You can also foster team-building, focus, mindfulness, memory, emotional wellness, creativity, character, citizenship, and confidence through brain training. The best time to train your brain is when you need it. If you're working in a classroom environment, refocusing attention after lunch can help create a productive afternoon. High stakes testing and situations provide a great opportunity to put these techniques to work. Why waste your brain capacity on worry and anxiety? Get connected with your body and get more control over negative thoughts. Try this exercise. Hold both hands in loose fists in front of your chest with palms toward the sky. Extend the thumb of one hand and the pinky of the other so both digits point the same direction. Now switch. Try increasing your speed. It’s a lot like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time. Try smiling to break up your frustration. Exhale through your mouth to release tension. Give yourself a mantra that you can do it; your brain loves challenges or something else positive to encourage you. Adding rhythm may give you more success. Have fun. Crossing the midline of the body helps connect the right and left hemispheres. This exercise promote cooperation between the hemispheres of your brain. Creating new connections increases neuroplasticity. Listen in as Dave Beal, Program Director & Head National Trainer for Power Brain Education, shares how brain training can help students and adults.

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