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DIY Tricks to Improve Your Health

August 5, 20169 min
You can make your own beauty products to save money. You will also know exactly what you're using on your body.Do-it-yourself creations save money and are healthier because you know exactly what ingredients are being used. You can make your own mouthwash without dyes, additives and alcohol. Organic aloe vera juice is a great active ingredient. You can add some tea tree oil or witch hazel as an anti-inflammatory and peppermint oil for flavor. Don't be afraid to play chemist in the kitchen. Use 50 percent organic aloe vera juice and 50 percent distilled water. Then, add drops of the other ingredients until you like the taste.Make sure to follow a specific recipe for skin care products, because the ingredients are perishable. Listen in as DIY expert Sophie Uliano shares how you can make your own beauty products.

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