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Medical Foods: Nutrition for Healing

February 10, 201726 min
Medical foods can help you handle your acute and chronic pain without the side effects associated with pharmaceuticals.Millions of Americans suffer from acute or chronic pain. The emotional and financial burden on families can be devastating. Symptoms are frequently treated, but the root cause isn’t always addressed. There are so many conditions that have pain as a symptom but from different sources. Ideally, there is a more direct way to treat the cause. Nutrition works differently when you are ailing versus when you are healthy. Treating nutritional deficiencies associated with disease can help address chronic pain.  Medical foods are formulas recognized by the FDA for nutritional management of disease. They’re specifically designed to treat a disease or condition. These foods make disease claims and must have the data to support the structure and function of claims. They must contain components recognized as safe for consumption, so they aren’t regulated as strongly as pharmaceuticals. Medical foods don’t require a prescription but do require physician supervision. Many physicians sell products directly. A holistic treatment can help avoid the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Be sure to seek integrative therapy for your pain. Listen as Dr. David Silver joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss medical foods.

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