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Ovarian Cancer & Genetic Testing

May 20, 20169 min
It's never to late to get informed about ovarian cancer and genetic testing.Approximately 100,000 women each year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Oftentimes, woman are diagnosed in the later stages.It's never to late for genetic testing and it's actually much easier to get tested than ever before. Genetic testing consists of a mouthwash or blood test.
Analysis of the sample can determine if you inherited a gene mutation that contributed to your diagnosis of cancer. Genetic testing might also help determine if you are at greater risk of developing the same cancer again or of developing another type of cancer.Your health care provider will determine what type of testing is right for you, based on a variety of elements, including the known genes that have been identified as having a connection to ovarian cancer, as well as your family cancer history.Listen in as Heather Sulzbach, MS, ANP-C, AOCN-P, joins Dr. Susanne to discuss ovarian cancer and genetic testing.

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