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Signs of Fluoride Toxicity

March 24, 201726 min
What is fluoride doing to your body?Fluoride is a compound containing fluorine reacting with other elements. It’s said to fight tooth decay, which is why our water is fluoridated.The levels tested in mother’s milk are extremely low, indicating it isn’t as key to health as one might expect.  There’s no process in the human body that requires fluoride. Topical application may help the teeth, but it doesn’t need to be ingested. Despite what you see in commercials, you shouldn’t use more than a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste. Fluoride toxicity is visually observable. Dental fluorosis appears as small white patches on the cusp of the teeth. Fluoride has negative effects on other areas of the body as well. It can cause neurological disruption. Sleep may be interrupted. Listen as Dr. Paul Connett joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss fluoride toxicity.

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