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Simple Steps to Prevent Memory Loss & Cognitive Decline

August 28, 20159 min
You don't have to resign yourself to memory loss.All individuals have memory lapses from time to time. You forget where you last put your keys, or you head to another room and completely forget why. Or, you run into someone you met just last week and cannot for the life of you remember her name.These instances typically become more common as you age, but according to Dr. Roger Landry, you don't have to resign yourself to memory loss. Dr. Landry is a retired, highly-decorated full colonel, former chief flight surgeon at the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office in Washington, and a preventive medicine physician who has spent over a decade smashing stereotypes of aging and redefining the possibilities of older adulthood.What are some simple steps Dr. Landry advises to prevent brain deterioration and mental decline? First and foremost, don't panic. If you can't remember where you put your keys, that's common. If you can't remember what the keys are for, then you might want to get checked out by your doctor. Lifestyle choices are extremely impactful. Don't smoke, get enough exercise, and make sure you're getting a good night's sleep. If you don't get a good night's rest, your brain capacity is diminished by about 12 percent the following day. These all fall into Dr. Landry's concept of properly "feeding" your brain; that is, making sure you're practicing activities that promote sufficient blood flow. You also need to protect your brain, both from physical injury (wearing helmets during dangerous activities) as well as from mental and emotional stress. Finally, you need to constantly challenge your brain. Learn a new language. Do a crossword puzzle or other word game. Read... a LOT. All of these things will help stimulate your synapses and keep your brain firing on all cylinders.Listen in as Dr. Landry joins Dr. Susanne to share more about how you can effectively prevent mental decline, as well as real-time steps you can start implementing immediately.

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