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Sugar's Impact on Your Brain

August 4, 201724 min
What's that sweetened beverage doing to your brain?Do you make a coffee shop run in the afternoon? Grab a soda from the office fridge as a little pick-me-up? Most people gravitate to sugary drinks during the day when they need mental focus. Recent research from Boston University School of Medicine proves the theory that excess sugar may cause damage to the brain, particularly the fructose found in sweetened drinks. One sugary drink per day can age your brain. Two sugary drinks per day can age your brain four years. Three or more sugary drinks per day can age your brain’s memory focus by 11 years. Even more frightening, diet beverages increase your risk of developing dementia or having a stroke threefold. Don’t be fooled by claims of natural sweeteners. You must read the label to be sure you’re drinking what you think. ABCDs for Staying Sharp Without Sugar

A - Avocados are loaded with key nutrients that feed your brain.
B - Berries protect your brain from inflammation and improve circulation.
C - Cognium is a supplement that energizes the brain and behaves as an antioxidant.
D - Dark chocolate aids reaction time, attention span and memory. It also lowers the risk of dementia.

Listen as David Foreman, RPh joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss how sugar affects the brain and alternatives for giving your brain a boost.

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