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Which Way is Life? is designed to help busy, overworked, stressed out people find their way to a more balanced, healthier, inspired life. 3 times a week host Bill Klaproth will interview trendsetting doctors, fitness professionals, life coaches, meditation experts and more in a quest for transformational discovery and positive change.


February 21, 2018
Sleep better, get healthy and conquer insomnia with integrative nutrition health coach Allison Robertson.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why insomnia is such a problem
  • 3 important areas of sleep you should know.
  • What you can do right away to improve sleep.
  • What a “worry” journal is and how it can help you.
  • How food and nutrition affect your sleep.
  • What a “worry” journal is and how it can help you.
  • How food and nutrition affect your sl...
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    Why personal accountability is your key to personal and professional success with Troy Cicero.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The difference between being accountable and personal accountability.
  • How we can become more personally accountable.
  • How personal accountability can benefit you personally and professionally.
  • What happens when you don’t hold yourself accountable.

  • Now you can save money on your life insurance just for being h...
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    How to integrate healthy habits when short on time with certified nutritionist, health coach, author & founder of Best Whole Self, Julie Terrana.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • What she’s learned from having Crohn’s disease.
  • The single most important thing we can do to begin living healthier lifestyles.
  • Wellness in the workplace.
  • Why system, support and accountability are important to your success.
  • Examples of what to eat for br...
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    How to experience more compassion, kindness and love in your life - towards others and yourself (in the era of Trump) with Positivity Coach Carol Miller.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Simple strategies to be more appreciative and grateful.
  • How positivity takes practice.
  • How to deal with people that are entrenched in their thoughts.
  • How you’re in charge of your own energy and why that’s important.
  • We shouldn’t fall into the blame, s...
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    How to achieve happiness and harmony and live a better life every day with Bryan Falchuk.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • How to turn your life around when you’re feeling down and out.
  • Why you have to take stock of your life, understand what your problems are clearly, then act.
  • How to unburden yourself of yesterday’s choices.
  • How to learn to relieve the pressure of what tomorrow may bring.
  • How to identify your true motivation in orde...
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    Transform your mind and body. Five changes in five weeks with Dr. William Sears and Erin Sears Basile.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The health crisis that drove Dr. Sears to transform his life.
  • How to motivate yourself for better health.
  • How to say “no” that cookie.
  • Why health is an “inside-out” job.
  • What inflammation is and why it’s so bad. (Dr. Sears says it’s our #1 health problem.)
  • What the T5 Wellness Plan is.
  • How to teach your...
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    You are the star of your own movie - how to live, love and lead like a star with Tim Federle.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • Why it’s important to congratulate the person that got “your” part (or promotion).
  • How to give compliment sandwiches.
  • Why you need to remember “feelings aren’t facts” when things don’t go your way.
  • Why you need to find your “I Want” song.
  • Why “living in a suitcase” is beneficial.
  • How to forgive yourself after a...
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    How living a life of “maybe” can stop worrying and negative thoughts in their tracks, how it can get you into the moment, and why we need to embrace uncertainty with author Allison Carmen.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • Most of the time we suffer because we think we know or we project a negative outcome. “Maybe” cuts that negative projection and allows you to live in the moment.
  • The beauty of uncertainty and why you need to embra...
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    How functional fitness is better than a “get skinny” mindset and how to future-proof your body with personal trainer Joshua Kozak.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • Why is it so hard for people to stay motivated to get healthy.
  • Why functional training is important for everyone, especially baby boomers.
  • How to future-proof your body. 
  • How three different four-week programs work and are easier to accomplish.
  • How to stay motivated to get ...
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    How to use the Book Of Joy Journal, a companion piece to The Book of Joy with author Doug Abrams.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The one thing you can do today to make your life better.
  • How to use The Book of Joy Journal.
  • The eight pillars of joy.
  • Why you should set your intention for the day.
  • His favorite tip for happiness.
  • How we can show more compassion for one another.
  • More from The Book of Joy Journal.
  • Connect with Doug Supercha...
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    What you need to know about plastic surgery with Dr. Babak Dadvand.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The difference between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon.
  • What to look for in a plastic surgeon.
  • Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.
  • What questions you should ask your plastic surgeon.
  • What aesthetic breast surgery is.
  • What gynecomastia surgery is.

  • High Five Highlights
  • What lit your passion for cosmetic surgery? The abi...
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    Learn how your genes impact your choices and how to manipulate them for great health with Dr. Sharad Paul.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The expression and suppression of genes.
  • How genes get passed on between generations.
  • How to turn the bad genes off.
  • How to eat for your genes.
  • Understanding your genes to find out food and nutrition tolerance.
  • How to use stress in life to your advantage.
  • Your genes and mental health.
  • More from his b...
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    Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: prevention, detection, and treatment with prostate cancer survivor Mark Saunders.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The symptoms of prostate cancer.
  • Tips to prevent the disease.
  • When you should go to the doctor.
  • New tests for detection and biopsy tools.
  • New emerging treatments.
  • How to live healthier, better and longer.
  • More from each of his books Do You Have Prostate Cancer? and Prostate Cancer.
  • Connect w...
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    How to bounce back from tragedy and still find and show love in this world with Scott Stabile.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • What happened after the death of his parents and brother and how to get through tragedy.
  • Why you should approach your day with love and why you should look for those opportunities.
  • How to bring more love into your life.
  • Why happiness is an inside job.
  • How to find more joy in your life.
  • Why empathy is the path ...
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    How to de-stress in the kitchen, reprogram your digestive system, what foods you should add, what foods you should subtract and the one thing you can do today to make your life better.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • How to make the weekly grind of meal planning and preparing easy.
  • How you can keep “bad genes” turned off.
  • How to stay mentally strong to stay on your health plan.
  • High Five Highlights:
  • Her prescription for a healthy b...
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    How to live a life of joy in the face of adversity, the eight pillars of joy, and the importance of looking beyond yourself with author Doug Abrams.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The four fundamentals of human emotions.
  • Setting a daily intention.
  • The eight pillars of joy.
  • How to live a life of joy in the face of adversity.
  • Simple tips for happiness.
  • Insights from The Book of Joy. (try for free on audible using code "whichwayisli...
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    Ways to work through anxiety, depression and OCD with journalist and author Allison Kugel.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • What she’s learned about managing her anxiety.
  • Why it’s important to do things “afraid.”
  • Methods of managing anxiety and depression.
  • How she found a “gift” in her anxiety.
  • The impact anxiety/depression have on someone’s life.
  • Resources for those suffering with depression/anxiety at Anxiety and Depression Associati...
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    How to find inner peace and learn to live in the moment with Chris Shea.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • Why we are our own biggest obstacles.
  • How to get control over your thoughts.
  • The concept of mindfulness and how to live in the moment.
  • Daily tips to help you find inner peace.
  • How meditation can help reduce anxiety and promote inner peace.
  • Techniques helpful to your personal and professional life for success from within.
  • How to easi...
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    Learn how to maximize your health and wellness after age 50 with Daniel Perryman.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • The importance of sleep.
  • What health and wellness issues those aged 50+ should be focused on for optimal health.
  • More about Daniel’s podcast, The Low Carb Leader.
  • How you can make the most informed choices within the healthcare system.
  • How a great health and wellness routine can impact you in your later years.
  • High Fi...
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    How to think yourself slim with Dr. Julie Coffey.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:
  • How your own thoughts keep you stuck where you are.
  • How to shift into a more neutral mindset.
  • Why you need to accept where you are before moving forward.
  • Techniques to program your mind for weight loss.
  • How to properly visualize your goals.
  • How to take that first step for procrastinators or non-believers.
  • More from her book Think Yourself Slim.
  • High Five ...
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