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Ep64 - Yoga Doesn't Require a Certain Body Type: Lauren Lipton

June 1, 201723 min
Why you don’t need a “yoga body” to do do yoga, and real stories of yoga and transformation with Lauren Lipton.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

Why you don’t need a “yoga body” to do yoga.
What is it about yoga that people just don’t seem to get?
What are the main benefits of yoga?
How to choose a yoga studio?
The value of developing a "yoga party trick."
One of her favorite stories in the book.
What is transformative about yoga.
More from her book Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories & the Power of Transformation.

High Five Highlights:

What made you want to write this book? I want the entire world to do yoga and show them that they can.
What is your favorite yoga pose? Handstand. I love to be upside down
What has yoga meant to your life? It has completely changed the kind of person I am. It has transformed me.
Do you have a favorite quote or book you can share? “The restraint of the modification of the mind stuff is yoga,” which means yoga is basically the quieting of the chattering of the brain.
"Finish this sentence: “Throughout my life the most important thing I’ve learned is...” That everything gets better over time, with perspective.

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