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Ep69 - Relapsing MS: Bryan Bickell

June 21, 201715 min
Relapsing MS with former NHL player Bryan Bickell.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

The story of his diagnosis.
What relapsing MS entails.
How it affects his daily life.
How he manages it.
The types of lifestyle changes he’s made.
The medication he takes to manage MS, Tysabri.

High Five Highlights:

For someone who is listening who may just have been diagnosed with MS, what would you say to them? Stay positive.
When trying to achieve greatness in a sport, what’s the most important thing to remember? Remember to have fun.
What has having MS taught you? Pay attention to the small things.
Tell me about a teammate or coach that inspired you to be better? Marion Hossa
Finish this sentence: “Throughout my life the most important thing I’ve learned is...”  Pay attention to family.

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