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Ep72 - Heal Yourself Naturally with Food: Dr. Stephen & Janet Lewis

July 12, 201725 min
How to heal yourself naturally with Dr. Stephen and Janet Lewis.What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

What our doctors should be looking for in people who are sick and tired of being sick.
Their unique method for getting to the cause of these problems.
How to treat and heal yourself naturally.
How they work with people.
Tips and strategies you need to amp up your nutrition.
How a normal blood test may not show a thyroid condition.

High Five Highlights:

Stephen, what lit your passion for natural healing? People that lost their hope and helping them get their hope back.
How do you both beat stress? We like fishing and supplements that help us beat stress. Praying, too.
If you were both stuck on a deserted island and could bring one food what would it be? A multi-vitamin. Start with a special multi-vitamin. Avocados are about as good as you can get.
Do you have a favorite quote or book you can share? "Sooner or later you have to live with the consequences of your doubt, or you have to live in the potential of your faith.”
Finish this sentence: “Throughout my life the most important thing I’ve learned is...”  To love people the way they are and to bring them to make their life better, which in turn come back and is multiplied in me. And, to be joyful, because people need your joy to build themselves back up.

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