Philadelphia Community Podcast
Each week, Loraine Ballard Morrill speaks to community leaders and groups in the Philadelphia region about topics affecting our local communities and upcoming events.

2-17 What's Going On Pamoza International and Essential Leadership

February 15, 201928 min
Loraine Ballard Morrill speaks with Amy Holdsman, founder of Essential Leadership. Holdsman created Essential Leadership to coach and inspire individuals through both an inward examination of their values, strengths, and motivations, and an outward exploration of the community and the world at large. She has the experience and knowledge to help her clients identify where and how they can have the most impact and develop a plan of action for purposeful engagement and meaningful giving.

Loraine Ballard Morrill also interviews Temwa Wright, Executive Director of Pamoza International which works to uplift children and families in Malawi Africa. Loraine also interviews a dynamic young volunteer 17 year old Anna Rago
Who is organizing Pamoza International’s first ever Gala on March 23rd.