Ep 39 - I need to move & my vag hurts!7 min
Ep 38 - Why the Lakers mean so much to me!7 min
Ep 37 - Why I'm dreading my Sisters wedding!4 min
Ep 36 - Your sons pain as a platform, is NOT OK!9 min
Ep 35 - Kris Wu gets real w/ Gabby !8 min
Ep 34 - Is Steph Curry wrong for this?4 min
Ep 33 - Gabby's AMAs Recap!10 min
Ep 32 - People got balls!4 min
Ep 31 - What we all could learn from XXXTentacion6 min
Ep 30 - Drake has HELLA gifts for his Future Wife!4 min
Ep 29 - Meek Mill is going back to prison, & SIA GOT BACK!5 min
Ep 28 - Diddy gets a pass, but Blac Chyna on the other hand!6 min
Ep 27 - Hi-Tone Kicks It!9 min
Ep 26 - Death Row6 min
Ep 25 - Sofi Tukker Kicks It!9 min
Ep 24 - "So whens the first time you ate butt.."7 min
Ep 23 - Brian Imanuel (Rich Chigga) Kicks it!15 min
Ep 22 - What was with that weird interview Eric Paddock did!?8 min
Ep 21 - Just what the world needs, another Kardashian!5 min
Ep 20 - You just had to go cheat Kevin!5 min
Ep 19 - RIP Kenneka Jenkins7 min
Ep 18 - North West the Diva!8 min
Ep 17 - What happens when your BFF turns 30!7 min
Ep 16 - Why every up and coming rapper should watch Jay-Z's latest interview!11 min
Ep 14 - Charlottesville12 min
Ep 14 - Drake Co-Signs Cardi B, so you know its REAL!7 min
Ep 13 - All Hail RIHANNA!6 min
Ep 12 - Rachel Lindsay FTW!5 min
Ep 11 - Is Justin Bieber ok?6 min
Ep 10 - Amber Rose's REAL Stuggle6 min
Ep 9 - Gabby needs a vacay, but then again maybe Usher does too!6 min
Ep 8 - Is R.Kelly the original Christian Grey?7 min
EP 7 Gabby Has To Vent5 min
Ep 6 Is Chyna Devastated?7 min
Ep 5 What's Up With Rob Kardashian?9 min
Ep 4 Kendrick Buys A Camry5 min
Ep 3 Why Is Lamar Odom Sad?6 min
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Ep 1 DJ Khaled's Live Show9 min

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