Talk Talk with Martha Quinn

Talk Talk with Martha Quinn

When the on-air mics go off, the 'Talk Talk with Martha Quinn' begins! Here's your VIP pass to share a laugh with the entire crew. Original MTV VJ Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena share what's on their minds & more.


July 17, 2024 19 mins
Where's the farthest you've traveled? This episode of Talk Talk is inspired by Producer Karena who is getting ready to embark on a big trip with her parents! Martha Quinn & Christie talk about the places they've been and how Martha almost had to pay thousands while staying in a hotel room. Yikes! 
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Christie ...
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In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena Velazquez discuss the songs that get them on the dancefloor. There is always one song or two or five that will make you bust out your dance moves no matter where you are. However, you won't believe the one song Martha has on her list that has the girls saying "Yikes." 
What song or songs always get you on the dancefloor??
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July 1, 2024 17 mins
In this episode of Talk Talk, Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena talk about a million-dollar idea stolen from Martha! Martha's idea involves the whole Milli Vanilli scandal meanwhile Christie shares her million-dollar idea. Have you ever had a great invention or idea? 
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Stop with your toxic positivity Martha Quinn! Martha went to a celebration of life event for a cousin that passed and Martha was surprised when a woman told her that being positive is not good. Martha, Christie, and Karena talk about toxic positivity and how they feel about this phrase! 
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Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena discuss the artists or songs that introduced them to music. Plus, the ladies go back and forth about Milli Vanilli and C & C Music Factory! 
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In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha, Christie, and Karena talk about picking up after dogs. Karena saw a heated discussion on the Nextdoor app where people asked if it was okay to drop your dog's poop in someone else's trash bin when you are out walking your dog! We think Martha might be going above and beyond with what she does with her dog droppings. 
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May 17, 2024 19 mins
Today's episode of 'Talk Talk' is all about money!! Silvia who is a friend of the ladies wrote in and said she wanted to know what Martha, Christie, and Karena would do if they won a big lotto jackpot! You'll be surprised to hear who is very generous and who does not care about giving back. Enjoy! 
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May 10, 2024 21 mins
Woohoooo!! Martha, Christie, and Karena have made it to episode 200 and they are celebrating by sharing the things they love about each other. The tres amigas talk about some of their favorite podcast episodes and more! Enjoy! 
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Christie is on vacation this week so Martha Quinn and Karena invited their boss Lil Ricci to join the fun.
Martha quizzes Ricci on a Billboard charting album, can Ricci handle the pressure? Plus, can you guess Ricci's first concert based on all the clues he gives out? We hope you enjoy this podcast! 
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April 12, 2024 20 mins
In this episode, Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena share the shows/movies/documentaries that they are all watching. Let us know what you are watching! 
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In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' the ladies talk about artists who are notoriously known for starting their shows late specifically Madonna.
Madonna has responded to a lawsuit involving two fans who are suing her for being late. Should the judge toss out the case because she's Madonna and fans should already know what to expect or do these fans have a case?
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March 29, 2024 16 mins
Do you have recurring dreams? Karena shared with the ladies that she often dreams about losing teeth or flying. This sparked today's episode of recurring dreams. Can you believe Christie never has any and you won't believe what Martha is constantly dreaming about! 
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In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn gives everyone an update on her recent PET scan for cancer. The ladies also talk about their siblings and how they were all raised! 
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March 8, 2024 17 mins
On this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena give an update on their self-improvement methods and talk about listeners who made a difference in their lives! 
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In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena talk about the things they can self-improve on!
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February 23, 2024 21 mins
In this episode of Talk Talk, Christie got the episode idea from Michael Jackson's 'Remember The Time' song where he you remember the time when we first met? Do you remember the time when we fell in love?
Martha, Christie, and Karena talk about the first time they met one another and Martha talks about meeting her then-boyfriend Jordan (now husband) for the first time and what original MTV VJ J.J. Jackson said about Jordan...
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February 8, 2024 17 mins
If Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena didn't work in radio these are the side hustles they would have and be passionate about! What would be your side hustle?
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Billy Joel is BACK with new music and we are so excited!
Martha Quinn chats with Billy and songwriter Freddy Wexler about Billy's new song "Turn The Lights Back On" as Christie and Karena give their thoughts on the interview and what surprised them the most!
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Martha shares some 'Totally Awesome' news with Christie and Karena and she also asks...what in the heck is chat GPT??
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In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' Martha Quinn, Christie, and Karena talk about tattoos. Is Martha Quinn getting a matching tattoo with a HUGE celebrity?? Enjoy!
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