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April 5, 2024 15 mins
In this episode of 'Talk Talk,' the ladies talk about artists who are notoriously known for starting their shows late specifically Madonna.
Madonna has responded to a lawsuit involving two fans who are suing her for being late. Should the judge toss out the case because she's Madonna and fans should already know what to expect or do these fans have a case?
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When the on air Mike goes off, the talk Talk begins. It's Talk
Talk with Martha Quinn. Welcome.Who am I funny funny very excity for
two hundred Christy. Who is MarthaQuinn eating an apple or a carrot?

Welcome to Talk Talk Martha Quinn.Christy. It is episode one hundred and
ninety eight. I'm gonna tell uswho you are. I'm Karina Velaskiez.
Welcome to the party. Are youguys gonna check over right now? I
have to continue my sound effect processhere? There you go. It looks

like a good apple. How farinto the podcast. Welcome Martha Quinn to
Talk Talk. Welcome to Talk Talkwith Martha Quinn. Awesome to have you
here. I'm here, Christy's here, Kruine of Alaska's is here. Welcome
to Talk Talk with Martha Quinn.And I'm Christy, and Kreen of Velasquez

is here, and the apple ishere as well. Yes, sometimes I
feel ladies like I need you tojust put me in a snugly and let
me just go along for the ride. I just need some comfort, I
know, and we are here forit. Seriously, though, welcome to
the podcast. Did we say thator yes we did. Okay, I'm
just checking this and I just wantto revisit last week that we talked about

our recurring dreams, and there's twopeople that emailed us or messaged us on
the Facebook. We talked about recurringdreams that we have about dirty bathrooms or
our teeth falling out. While meand Martha Christy doesn't have recurring dreams,
Sylvia said, I have dreams aboutteeth falling out all the time and really
problems in the office. My dreamsare so vivid and sometimes I have the

same ones over and over that itfeels like a movie. Interesting teeth falling
out. You know, it canbe in digative of an anxious mind indicative
excuse me, If your teeth arefalling out, it's anxiety. There's something
in your waking life you need toaddress. It's most likely the issue of
like you losing some form of control. And it also says if you have

dreams of teeth falling out, it'sa good idea to send money to someone
named Christy and it will help.You're saying, wow, okay, back
to the emails. Also, Iwant to say thank you to Jace in
Australia, who said he really enjoyedthe podcast. He has the same dreams
of the bathrooms being dirty and it'sbeen traumatic and freaky for him, and

so now he always tries to justwait till he gets home to use the
bathroom. But he said he enjoyedthe podcast, and thank you Ladies for
the laughs. Jace and his catRalph. Awesome, awesome, great to
have you listening in Australia. Proofthat you can get us all over the
place on our free iHeart radio app. You know, Ladies Free never sounded
so good. I cannot believe thatSylvia also has the teeth falling out thing.

And Christy, if what you sayis true that it's an indicative of
an anxious mind, I'm shocked.I don't have it. There are other
dreams, because you did say youhad other reoccurring gen dreams And I was
just looking up the dream of thedirty toilet and it says that may evoke
feelings of like discomfort and unease,and it could symbolize a sense of uncleanliness

or a need to like cleanse yourselfemotionally or mentally. Well, that all
makes sense, definitely. So thisweek for the podcast, Martha, you
texted us with a really really kindof interesting, insightful topic Madonna. If
you did not hear her, fansare actually suing her because she's been late
on her tour. It hasn't wrappedup yet. She's wrapping it up in

Rio with this massive free concert onCopa Cabana Beach. But in the meantime,
when she started her us to Ibelieve she was in New York,
Am I right, Martha, Yeah, I think so. I think it
was in Brooklyn. She was hourslate, and she is notoriously late.
If you have never seen Madonna,I'm sure you've at least heard of the
fact that she can't show up ontime. Like when I saw Madonna in

San Francisco at the Chase Center.The show started I think at eight o'clock
is when it was built to showup like to start. I didn't get
there until ten ten fifteen because Ialready knew she was going to be late.
She did have a DJ come outmaybe thirty or forty minutes after the

show was scheduled to start, butthen she still didn't come out for quite
some time. So she is notoriouslylate. But her fans were not having
it, and now they are suingher. Well, and you know,
if you get a babysitter and yousay, okay, the concert's starting at
eight, it'll be done by eleven. I'm going to be home by midnight.
And you've got you know, yourfourteen year old neighbor at home with

you, your kids, and theconcert doesn't start to ten thirty. You've
got to leave. You can't,you can't stay there, You've got to
get home. And I personally thinkthat it's irresponsible. I do. This
is a big organization. She's runninghere, say what time you're starting?
Yeah? I agree, And nowMadonna is trying to cancel right these lawsuits.

Are trying to make the lawsuits goaway. There's no basis for the
laws, thank you. Well,what I'm hearing is Madonna's team argued,
Okay, tell me if you guysthink this is a good defense. Madonna's
team argued that ticket holders should haveknown about her history of starting concerts late,
and that no reasonable fan would expecther to start on time. This

is like going to a dentist andhe pulls your twoth out and does a
bad job, and you say,hey, you did a bad job.
And the dentist says, well,you should have known. I'm a bad
dentist. Like, is that reallya defense? I think if you go
on Yelp and you see a dentisthas one and a half stars and they
have over one thousand, one anda half star reviews, and you go

to that dentist and you're like,oh my gosh, they did a crappy
job on my teeth. I can'tbelieve it. I had no idea.
But you read all those one anda half star reviews, It's like,
well, is it your fault oris it the dentist's fault? Is your
fault for going? I feel youon that, But what would a judge
say? Would you, as Madonna'slawyer, actually say, look, judge,

Madonna's fans should know she is notoriousfor being late. It's not our
fault. Like, I don't thinkthat holds up in a court of law.
I just don't I think it doesbecause I think if you're a Madonna
fan, you know two things,three things about a Madonna show, No.
Four, okay, four things isnot going to be cheap because she's

worth it. Save your pennies.She said it herself verbatim. It's not
gonna start on time because it neverdoes. It's going to be one hundred
million degrees because she does not likethe air conditioning on. She is notorious
for keeping it warm in her stadiums. And number four, you're going to

get an amazing show and the weightis gonna be worth it. But a
reasonable fan of Madonna would know Christy. But I disagree though. I think
that the people, the fans thatare suing her have more of a case
because, like Martha said, youknow, they probably spent money on hiring
a babysitter, whatever, transportation,maybe they made a whole night out of

it, and the fact that she'sso late cost them a lot of money.
And maybe this will teach her ifthese fans win the lawsuit, like
hey, because you don't see thatwith Beyonce or Taylor Swift, or they're
not having fans weight over three hours. My friend and my sister went to
the Madonna show when she was atSAP Center. She was three hours late

late from the start time, threehours late. And I don't think that
is okay. I think that youare an artist, you are professional.
I could say, like maybe anhour is cool, but not two and
a half hours. Where does itstop. Do you go to a Warriors
game and they go, well,we'll start whenever exactly when you go to
a baseball game, they're like,you know, first pitch is one oh

five. You know Madonna is goingto be late. You know that is
just a time. And I thinkthe fact that you know, if you
don't know how concerts work, alot of venues have curfews, and if
you go over the confew you haveto. She starts at ten thirty.
She's gonna hit up against the curfew. I think people know Madonna's going to

be late. The average Madonna fan, if you ask them, I guarantee
you nine out of ten are goingto say, oh no, she's always
late. It's just Madonna. It'slike Prince, it's just Prince. You
know they're going to be late.Christy. I think that they should still
be how the count. In someaspect, same thing with the singer from
the Fuji's Martha Lauren Hill. She'snotoriously known for being so late to her

concerts, and I don't think that'sfair. I think that if I was
a fan, you'd probably sue youtoo. Yeah. No, listen.
Oh okay, so you're a littlewacky and flaky, so special rules.
It's the same with Axel Rose.Axel was late to a show in Florida
one time because he was home playingTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or watching the movie

or something. I'm sorry. IfI was sitting in that stadium baking and
having to, you know, usethe restroom and getting hungry and going my
babysitters calling they need to get home, and Axel's playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
or watching it whatever, somehow TeenageMutant Ninja Turtles was involved, I would
be like, I would be very, very angry. I'm sorry, you're

a professional. This is a bigorganization. And if this is the case
that everyone quote unquote knows, likeyou know, I'm pretty into music.
I knew this about Axel Rose,but I never heard this until the Brooklyn
Show about Madonna that she was late. And I know a lot about music.
I guarantee you that a lot offans don't know this about Madonna.

Like I wouldn't think this about BritneySpears. I wouldn't think this about Taylor
Swift. Why would I think thisabout Madonna? And I think if this
is the case, then it's incumbentupon like somewhere in the organization. They
have to print on the tickets,you know, be aware Madonna's start time.
Maybe you know a little later ifyou think she's going to start at

eight thirty, like a prayer,you know, something to that effect.
Because I don't think it's right,and I believe me, I guarantee you
the judge is going to laugh whenthe lawyers say, excuse me, your
honor. These people should have knownthat our flaky boss over here isn't going
to show up on time. No, that's never gonna fly. Well,

we'll see how it all pans out. But I have a feeling the judge's
going to toss this lawsuit. Ihave a feeling he won't. H Offy
doesn't, I really do. Ihope he doesn't. I'm with Kreana on
this. Get it together, Christy. I want to come up with and
Martha another solution. Maybe say okay, fans, if I'm late, let
me hook you up with something.How about ten percent off merch? But

I think that would be a niceincentive. Here's a key chain. Everybody
will mostem saying that Madonna pays theunions if they go late. Madonna should
have to pay for everybody's babysitter.If I'm late and you've got a babysitter
at home, or you've got acar waiting outside and you only booked it
to pick you up at midnight,and now you've got to pay the extra,

I'll pay your expenses. I thinkif you're going to Madonna concert,
you know, when's the last timeyou seen Madonna? You're asking Martha or
me, either one of you.Oh, nineteen eighty four video musical words.
Okay, yeah. I think ifyou go to concerts, there are
certain people you know who are goingto be late, and Madonna is one
of them. You know she's gonnahave a DJ. There's not gonna be

an opening act. The DJ isgonna play for at least an hour.
You figure that's not gonna start rightwhen the doors open. The concerts never
start, no matter who you are, right when the doors open at eight
o'clock. So you figure, rightthere, it's eight to nine, and
then she's gonna have a DJ.So that's from nine to ten, and

then from there it's gonna be betweenten and eleven. That she's gonna come
on. Well, Bruce Springsteen startedon time at the Chase Center, and
he has no opener. Did hestart exactly? No, he didn't.
He did start on time. What'son time? Because if the show starts
at eight, he did not startat eight o'clock, he said. When
he was recently at the Chase Center, he told his fans the show is
starting at eight. I will beon that stage at eight. No opener,

let's go. I'm not gonna appreciatethat, Okay, but we'll see
what happens with this lawsuit. Meand Martha are gonna see these fans get
paid. You're at a meet andgreet with Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson has
up and punches you, and thenyou go to sue him, and then
Mike Tyson says, you know Ipunch people. That's true. It's like,

why would you pick a fight withMike Tyson. You would not pick
a fight with Mike Tyson unless youwant to get punched because you know he
is going to hit you. Youdon't go to Madonna concert expecting her to
start on time because four years thisis not like a new thing. This
is in the past. Couple ofyears. This isn't just one tour.
It was like Prince. If yougo see Prince, you know you are

going to wait until he is goodand ready, until whatever tea has settled
in his body, until Chrissy sneaksout of his dressing room. That's when
he will go on stage, andnot before. Well, we will see
what happens with this lawsuit. Wewill be following this story. If you're
listening right now, please tap thead talkback microphone use the Talkback Future on
our free iHeartRadio app. What doyou think do you think Madonna's defense holds

water? Well? People should knowshe's going to be late. Let me
just read you something. Habitual latenesscan have a negative impact on an employee's
reputation and may cause others to perceivethem as being unreliable and even untrustworthy if
an employee cannot be counted on toarrive on time for meetings. So I'm
just saying, Madonna better say thather concert is at one o'clock in the

afternoon for me to go, becauseshe's getting three hours like that. That's
my max right there. I'm justsaying I'm someone who runs late. I
can appreciate that you got to justknow, you just gotta know, you
just got to know. I knowit's okay, but would you say that
I'm irresponsible? Would you say thatI'm not dependable? Would you say all

of those things about me? Yes? Okay, So then there you go.
I think it's just it is whatit is. We can't wait to
hear from you, Like Martha Quinnsaid, tap that red microphone on our
iHeartRadio app and let us know whatyou think about Madonna and her being tardy
for the party, because we can'twait to hear it. Well, we

will shout you out on our nextpodcast, which will be episode one nine,
Getting Closer and Closer in two hundred. If you do have any ideas,
once again for any podcast, notjust number two hundred, but you
know, maybe two hundred and twentyseven. You're like, hey, this
would be a good idea. Tapthe red microphone on our iHeartRadio app.
We always appreciate hearing from you andyour support, and thank you so much

for being with us and taking thisjourney through our lives for one hundred and
ninety seven episodes. And this wrapsup Number one hundred and ninety eight.
Until next time. My name isChristy James, I'm Karina Velaskiev, and
I'm Martha Quinn. Miss you already.
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