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Animal Radio® Episode 764

July 25, 201499 min
Hero Behind Bars
This week's Hero People are in prison. Female inmates are teamed up with a dog 24/7. Their mission is to train these shelter dogs to help autistic children. It's a second chance for the inmates, the dog and the child. Program Director Janette Thomas explains how the Pups in Prison initiative is a win, win, win!

Banning Hybrids

Animal Defense League's Daniel Lutz is petitioning the courts to outlaw exotic hybrids of wild-cats. He says cats have been responsible for 14% of all the world's extinctions since 1600. Will legislation make a difference in our ecosystem?

Evaluating Pet Insurance
Can pet insurance save you in a pinch? You don't have to go very far to find differing opinions on pet insurance. We'll give you two real life cases involving pet insurance. You decide. California will be the first state to regulate pet insurance.

Animal Bloodmobile
Oh sure, you've seen the mobile blood banks that routinely troll for human blood. But you've probably never seen a mobile blood bank for dogs. Kim Marryott saw the need and now she manages a program in Pennsylvania that collects the twelve different canine blood types for transfusions and other life-threatening procedures.

Legalizing Mobile Vet Meds
Mobile veterinarians treat animals in many settings like barnyards and sometimes even backyards. And to do it, they often need to carry controlled substances - like medicines for pain management, anesthesia or euthanasia. But, the DEA doesn't let them carry those medications outside their hospital. The House of Representatives has passed the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act - changing the law.

Who's Your Daddy?
If you have a mixed breed dog, you might consider getting him or her a DNA test. Not only will you find out just what combination of breeds went into your best friend, but Dr. David Linzey of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association says you might find out some valuable health information. But are these tests accurate. Animal Radio® tested them - with different results.

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