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Animal Radio® Episode 769

August 29, 201499 min
Pet-Friendly Housing

Standard Pacific Homes knows the 60-Billion-dollar pet industry has a place for homebuilding. 27 of their developments now include pet accouterments including a pet-spa and TV exclusively for Fido. Standard Pacific's Danielle Tocco explains what they're doing to cater to pet owners.

Heartworm Medication Causes Deaths
There are more worries about the dog heartworm medication Trifexis. So far, 965 complaints about dogs dying after taking Trifexis have been filed with the FSA over the last three and a half years. The drug's maker, Elanco, says it's sold 70-million doses and has found no link between the pill and any dog deaths.

Pet Oxygen Masks
Does one size fit all? The Animal Radio® Hero Person, Debra Jo Chiapuzio helps supply fire departments with life-saving oxygen masks for dogs and cats. She loves her job and has a great passion to teach others pet-first-aid.

No More Pet Piercing

Assemblyman Carmela Garcia (Dem. N.J.) has written legislation that would outlaw piercings and tattoos on cats and dogs. Inspired by a lady that pierced her "gothic kittens," Garcia feels this ban would stop a burgeoning fad.

Moving With Pets Can Be Pricey! did the math in its 2014 Pet-Friendly Renting Trends Survey. It found that close to 80-percent of renters had to pay a deposit to have a pet and it was more than $200 per year in more than half the cases. About 64-percent of the people asked said they had a hard time finding an apartment that allowed pets even with a deposit.

Gorilla Depressed After Robin Williams' Death
I think we were all shocked by the death of Robin Williams a few weeks ago. So apparently was Koko, the amazing Gorilla that uses American Sign Language to communicate. She met Robin back in 2001. Koko heard her mentor, Dr. Penny Paterson, talking on the phone about Williams' death and she says Koko has been depressed and sad since that call.

Airline Offers Pet Videos
If you've got to fly overseas, you might want to check out a new perk on British Airways. The airline is launching an in-flight entertainment channel called 'Paws & Relax' and it will feature videos of pets. The company says the channel was initially designed to keep kids entertained during long distance traveling but then it found research that suggests that watching pets can enhance overall well-being in adults as well.

If You Lost A Pet, Don't Ever Give Up!
Here's one of those stories for anyone searching for their lost dog, don't ever give up! Eight years ago, LaShena Harris' bulldog puppy, "Fatcat", was stolen from her backyard in Memphis. Fatcat was chipped and LaShena put up posters, placed ads, rewards, everything and nothing happened, until a few weeks ago when she got a call from an animal rescue group in Arkansas. Fatcat had been dropped off at the shelter by someone who said he had found her wandering on the highway.

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