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Animal Radio® Episode 773

September 26, 201499 min
Eastwood Is Back
The daughter of Clint Eastwood, Alison Eastwood is back for more fun! She's crowd-funding to raise money for Chimp Haven, the new home for 110 research chimps purposely infected with HIV and Hep C. Alison says that the government stopped funding chimp research and left these chimps homeless.

Financial Help For Procedures
Our Hero Person this week created the Brown Dog Foundation to help pet owners afford life-saving surgeries and procedures for their pets. Carol Smock's dog, "Chocolate Chip," needed surgery shortly after she adopted him. Carol says, "Chip was most certainly a muse and inspiration for the foundation."

Getting Licked On Route 66
We're almost halfway across the country and coming to you from Oklahoma City this weekend. It's all part of the "Get Your Licks On Route 66" adoption tour. So far, about 200 dogs and cats have found forever homes. Fido Friendly's Susan Sims checks in from the adoption site.

Bringing Pets Into The Classroom
The 501c3 APPA (American Pet Products Association) is riding-high on their viral Pets Add Life campaign. It's time once again for their annual Pet Poetry Contest directed at school age children. Teaching compassion for animals in the classroom creates adults that respect and love pets and people. APPA President Bob Vetere is back to tell you all about the contest and this year's $1000 scholarship.

Rawhide Choking

Dr. Debbie deals with yet another dog that choked on rawhide. She explains that it doesn't matter the size of dog, regular rawhide treats are a choking hazard. Compressed rawhide is a better solution for a digestible treat.

Heartworm Facts
No animal is safe from Heartworm. It doesn't matter their age, breed or location. It's so easy to protect your pet once you know the real facts behind the parasite. Dr. Debbie rules out the myths about Heartworm and the cures that are really old-wives-tales.

Hawaiian Quarantine
If you're planning on taking your pet to Hawaii, you might want to re-think your strategy. A dog that was put in the mandatory 120-day quarantine suffered heat-stroke. Now, the owner is demanding an investigation of the quarantine center.

Would You Use A Shock Collar On Your Dog?
That question is getting lots of interest lately. Researchers say the collars can be not only physically damaging to a dog, but also emotionally damaging. Makers of the collar say there is no evidence of long-term harm to a dog's welfare. The collars have been banned in parts of the U.K and Canada, but there is no sign of that happening here in the U.S. at this point.

Joan Rivers Leaves Money To Her Pooches
The value of Joan Rivers estate is roughly 150-million dollars. She left most of it in her will to her daughter Melissa and her grandson Cooper, but she also made sure that her dogs Samantha and Teegan, who lived with Rivers in New York, as well as a Jack Russell Terrier and a Border Collie in California, are provided for.

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