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Animal Radio® Episode 775

October 10, 201499 min
When a marriage breaks up, it's the children who often get caught in the middle, but pets can end up becoming the subjects of custody battles too. Now the British animal charity Blue Cross has come up with what it calls a 'Pet-Nup' that spells out who will get the family pet if a couple splits up.

Goldfish Undergoes Life Threatening Surgery

You don't hear very often, maybe never, about a goldfish having an operation. But you don't often hear about a goldfish having a life-threatening tumor growing from its head. Little George of Melbourne, Australia had both.

Can Rabies Be Eliminated?
Experts on rabies have come up with a plan to eliminate the disease once and for all, but it still needs funding and cooperation. It involves a program for mass vaccinations of dogs in certain regions of the world where rabies is most common.

Beagle Returns Lost Airport Items
If you leave something behind when you get off a plane, getting it back can be a real pain. Not so anymore if that plane lands at Amsterdam Airport Schipole. Sherlock will get it back to you, no problem. Sherlock is a beagle specifically trained to return lost items to passengers.

Owning A Chimp Can Harm Them In The Long Run
Admit it, a lot of us want a chimpanzee as a pet. The first ever study on how human interaction affects chimps shows that we are doing them more harm than good. It found that chimps raised during the first four years of their lives by humans suffer serious social and behavior problems when they get older.

Makeovers For Dogs & Cats
One pet groomer in Yekaterinburg, Russia is doing more than just baths and hair cuts, she's giving dogs and cats makeovers into creatures like mythical green dragons or yellow and black striped bumblebees. Daria Gotz says she only uses dyes made from botanical extracts that wear off once the animal's coat grows out. See the Video

Our Hero Needs a Hero!
This week's Hero Person has her hands full with paraplegic and quadriplegic dogs. Elizabeth Forsberg has adopted animals that normally would be put-down because of their handicap.

….and, of course, Dr. Debbie and Dogfather Joey Villani are answering your pet questions about jumping dogs, TPLO surgery, doggy A.D.D., teaching your bird to talk, fleas, eating poop, ear-mites, hairballs, motion sickness, allergies and aggressive behavior. Call toll-free with your questions: 1-866-405-8405.

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