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Animal Radio® Episode 784

December 12, 201499 min
Sidecar Dogs
Movie Producer Eric Ristau just released his latest masterpiece about the many dogs that travel alongside their owner in a motorcycle sidecar. Sit Stay Ride: The Story of America's Sidecar Dogs is the full-length movie that launched with a Kickstarter campaign, and now proceeds benefit animal welfare.

Must-Hear Hero
You'll love this week's Zeuterin Hero Person. She's 84-year-old Dolly Jefferson. And she had no qualms about intercepting angry coyotes to save a neighbor's dog. Now she's making news nationwide.

Amnesty Pond For Homeless Fish
Adopting any pet should be a commitment for life, but we know that isn't always the case. But what options are there for an unwanted fish? In San Francisco, federal park officials are building an 'amnesty pond' for pet fish that are homeless. The idea came after people started dumping their fish into Mountain Lake on the outskirts of Presidio Park and that began causing problems with the native species.

Kimpton Pet Photo Contest Ends
It's never easy to select a winner, but the Animal Radio® Dream Team selected "Potato McTater" for a 3-night stay and JetBlue airfare. Kimpton's Top Dog, Steve Pinetti tells the winner the good news.

Pet Nanny Spills All
After selling her successful Pet-sitting business, Lindsey Grant wrote a book about the strange and curious relationships we have with our pets. Some of her client's requests make for a noteworthy book. She'll also be talking about how Switzerland, her new home, treats animals.

Banned Pit-Bull Service Dog Can Stay

Authorities in Louisiana have backed off on its demand that Zeus be gotten rid of or be destroyed. In October, Moreauville passed a law banning Pit Bulls or Rottweilers. When they targeted Zeus, the whole thing blew up on national television and on the Internet. Zeus helps the Owen's daughter O'Hara who uses a wheelchair and has spasms, which Zeus monitors and gets her help when she needs it.

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