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Animal Radio Episode 785

December 19, 201499 min
Licensing Groomers

Animal Radio's very own Joey "Dogfather" Villani is behind legislation to protect your pet while they're at the groomer. Currently, anyone with a scissors can groom your pet. This bill would mandate certification and a license, just like your barber.

Holiday Pet Tips

Dr. Kathy Hillestad from Drs. Foster & Smith is here to help make your holiday safe and fun for your pets. She has the details about good and bad foods and plants. This year, as Lithium batteries become more prevalent in devices, more animals are swallowing them.

High-Speed Rescue

Mario Chiozza is this week's Zeuterin Hero Person. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a dog tossed out of the car in front of him on Interstate 40. Despite the 55 mph. rush-hour traffic, he managed to capture the dog and save her. "Savior" is the catalyst for Mario's mission.

Holiday Cooking for Your Pet

Animal Radio correspondent Robert Semrow is having a "cookie-party" for his canines. He has simple and healthy recipes...and a video to help. It's not that hard to make good holiday treats for your furry-friends.

Santa Sent Packing after Pit Bull Incident
Just after Thanksgiving, at a mall in Southern California, an autistic 7-year-old girl and her service dog waited in line with her mom to see Santa. An elf came up and told them they would not be allowed near Santa because the jolly man was afraid of Pit Bulls. The family complained to the mall, where execs apologized and Santa and the elf were sent packing.

Are Your Pets Microchipped?
A kitty named Spice is back home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She got out of the house on Halloween Night. Somehow, she ended up in Portland, Maine. A man found her in a duffel bag at a thrift store. Spice was identified using a microchip. Idexx Laboratories heard about her and paid the travel costs to get her back home.

Legal Ruling - Tommy Is Not Human
Last October, the group The Nonhuman Rights Project filed a case stating that a chimpanzee named Tommy, who lives in an apartment, was unlawfully imprisoned and should be transferred to a sanctuary in Florida. Steven Wise said that chimps are close enough kin to humans so they deserve some human rights. Now, the court has ruled.

Do You Sleep With Your Pets?
Research presented at the Sleep 2014 conference showed that 54% of pet guardians sleep with their pets and that 30% of those said they wake up at least once a night because of them. 63% said they have poor sleep quality. Some people though say they sleep better WITH their pets.

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