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Animal Radio Episode 787

January 2, 201599 min
Just Say No To Big Cats
Actress Tippi Hedren (The Birds) is back to talk about the big cats at her sanctuary and legislation to stop the breeding of lions and tigers. She comes clean about her daughter's (actress Melanie Griffith) relationship with "Neil" the lion.

Fines For Leaving Your Dog Out In The Cold
The city of Pittsburgh has now made it illegal to tether dogs and leave them outside or unattended for more than a half-hour if the temperature falls below 32-degrees or goes above 90-degrees. There's a $500 fine for lawbreakers.

Pets Can Give You A Tax Break
If you foster an animal, you can deduct some of the associated costs. Things like vet bills, food, grooming; they qualify as charitable donations, which are deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. But once, you officially adopt the animal, that animal is no longer considered a foster, so you will lose the deductions.

Saving Elephants
This week's Zeuterin Hero Person is rescuing elephants from circuses and zoos. Often mistreated, the gentle giants are exploited for our entertainment. Scott Blais, co-founder of an elephant sanctuary in Tennessee, Skypes with us from Brazil, where he is currently rescuing 50 elephants.

Body Art Is Not For Animals

It will soon be a crime throughout New York State to pierce or tattoo a companion animal. There is an exception for markings one under a veterinarian's supervision. The laws were prompted by people showing off what they did to their animals on the Internet, including a woman who was piercing kittens and selling them as 'gothic.'

Pet Owners Get Emotional Distress Award in Death of Pet
The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that a jury can award damages to pet owners for the emotional distress they suffer following the injury or death of a beloved animal due to gross negligence. The Court let stand a $200,000 award to Roger and Sandra Jenkins. Their Labrador retriever was shot and killed by a Frederick County sheriff's deputy.

Telethon Adoption Huge Success
The first all-star dog adoption telethon was a huge success. The figures have just come out and the producers of Cause for Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular that aired Thanksgiving night resulted in more than 4,4000 people filing adoption papers for homeless dogs. More than 4-million people tuned in to watch the program hosted Hilary Swank and Jane Lynch.

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